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[BITE ME] Ramen Playing Noodle Nosework Toy

[BITE ME] Ramen Playing Noodle Nosework Toy

SKU: Toy-Ramen
  • Shoestring + nosework
  • Fit small to long and big sized snack
  • Stimulate curiosity
  • 3 dimetional graphis (using embroidery)
  • Soft material


3 different ways to do the nosework


PLAY TIME : 5 -15min

  • Remove the noodle completely from the ramen container
  • Sprinkle small snacks on it, mixed with long snacks.



PLAY TIME : 10-25min

  • Snack between topping and noodle
  • Put in a ramen container
  • Let half of the noodle come out of the container.
  • Let the dog find a snack while pulling and playing.



PLAY TIME : 20-30min

  • Hide the snack in the topping pocket, all over the noodles.
  • Put the ramen in a container.
  • And if youlock the ramen lid with a magnet, the difficulty level is higher!


Play time may vary depending on the snack and the speed of your dog's eating.



  • Size Guides

    Width x Length
    7,5 x 15cm

  • Materials

    Noodle 100% cotto
    Containers & Toppings Lylex Fabric


  • Size Guides

    Width x Length

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