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[Bacon] Easy Wear Raincoat

[Bacon] Easy Wear Raincoat

SKU: raincoat (size s-l)
  • It's easy to wear and take off.
  • Perfect for raining season.
  • It's stable even if the pet runs fast.
  • 6 different sizes for all different body types
  • Equipped with hood to protect head and ears, also chest plate to protect chest, and tummy, and neck strap collar to attach the harness so you can walk with your pet easily. 

  • Premium materials, soft mash lining, strongly waterproof coated fabric, double lock (snap button & Velcro), hind leg elastic band, and light reflective scotch

  • Washing method

    1. Wipe the contaminated area lightly with wipes.
    2. If laundry is required, light hand washing is recommended using a neutral detergent in cold water.
    3. Please dry naturally in the shade.
    4. Please refrain from using machine washing and dryer as it may cause product deformation.
    5. Frequent washing and strong friction can degrade waterproofing.
  • Precautions

    • Be careful not to scratch sharp objects.
    • Be careful not to chew and swallow your dog.
    • The product may be damaged when dropped from a high place or subjected to a strong impact.

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