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[PETHROOM] 2in1 Bug Out LED

[PETHROOM] 2in1 Bug Out LED

SKU: LED bug out
  • Harmless to pets and effective at avoiding bugs and fleas.
  • Contains Fermented Liquor Base which is a vegetable ethanol extracted from grains(rice, barley, sweet potato, etc.) as raw material.

  • Contains aromatic essential oils (cinnamon, cedarwood, lavender, and phytoncide), perfect natural protection.

  • Stop worrying about night walks! Safety Accident prevention with LED light.

  •  3 Light Mode, use it to match the light mode you want!

  • Size Guides

    Width x Length x Height
    36.7 x 40.7 x 15mm


  • Cautions

    1. Store in a place where there is no contact of children and pets.
    2. Be careful not to let the pet lick or swallow the contents.
    3. Do not let the contents reach your eyes directly.
    4. Store in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight and heat.
    5. Do not use near firearms.
    6. Be careful if you give the product a strong external pressure, as there is a risk of breakage.

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