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[Bacon] Papaya Powder Wash

[Bacon] Papaya Powder Wash

SKU: Papaya Powder Wash
  • Because the skin of your dog is much thinner than a person and frequent bathing might harm their skin health. The proper bath cycle of a dog who lives an indoor life is once every 3-4 weeks. That is why keeping the moisture on your dog's skin is important.

  • Safe ingredients.

  • The main ingredient is Papain Enzyme (Hydrolysis of proteins from papaya stems, leaves and fruits). It's an ingredient that helps manage keratin.

  • Also with Bogum Cactus Extract to keep the moisture.

  • Travel friendly powder wash.

  • I box = 21 pouch @3g

  • Ingredients

    Papain Enzyme, Bogum Cactus Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Pollen Extract(White Lily, Flower pot), Corn Starch, Sodium Cocoylisethionate,Sodium Lauroylglutamate,Allantoin,Hydrolyzed collagen,Betaine,Sorbitol,isopropyl Palmitate,Ascovyl Palmitate,Citric Acid,Disodium Dithiae, Combination Flavors


  • Precautions

    • If you have the following abnormalities using the product, you should stop using it, and if you continue to use it, you will consult a veterinarian as it will worsen your symptoms
    • If there is an abnormality such as red spots, swelling, itching, irritation during use, if the application area has the same abnormality as above
    • If you do not rinse off with enough water after use, it may cause hair loss or discoloration, so always rinse off with enough water after use
    • For pets, so do not use for people
    • If it gets into the eye, immediately wash it with plenty of clean water
  • Storage and Handling

    Avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place

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