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[Pet Friends] One Touch Brush

[Pet Friends] One Touch Brush

SKU: Pet brush
  • Easy hair removal with one touch. After combing, press the button on the back of the brush head and You can easily pull out the gathered hair.

  • 140 degree bend design. Perfect for Curly hair, long hair, short hair.

  • Round Point finish. Round finish makes it safe to use, cause no irritation.

  • ergonomic Hand grip design.

  • The  brush resembling the texture of the cat's tongue grooming become enjoyable.

  • Size

    177 x 73 x 45mm


  • Materials

    ABS + Stainless Steel Exchange and 

  • Precautions

    • This product is for pets.
    • If you are a pet with sensitive skin, skin diseases, etc., consult your doctor and use it.
    • This product is weak to pressure, so the product may deform when subjected to strong pressure.
    • Don't be close to the firearm, be careful with high temperatures.
    • After using the product, clean and keep it in a safe place so that your pet cannot bite it.

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